Saturday, 26 September 2015

Trusted Names Create Sales

Anywhere that you may choose to showcase your real estate agency sign, the obvious objective is to show an image of your company whether it’s an easily recognized name such as Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, or Century 21 or someone new on the scene. What is your company image trying to say about you? Are your properties luxurious or utilitarian? Decadent getaways or family homes?

When you are designing customized signage for specific agents, you of course want to include the recognizable logos, or create one if you're new on the market. However you may also choose to add in high resolution pictures of yourself, or a group of agents that will be working to sell the properties. Buyers as well as sellers are more comfortable when they can put a face to a name and that can be a simple way to garner trust and ease negotiations.

Do you know the tricks of the trade? If so then you know that the simplest and best ways to grab a buyer's attention is advertising. Open house and for sale signs that appeal to the largest audience possible are the way to go. First impressions are important in any sale, though agents cannot always be present at a property they are in charge of, their signs can. The very first thing that a buyer sees when they are going to purchase a home, is often the for sale sign, if that sign features a brand they trust like Keller Williams, they are more likely to make an appointment to see the property. Real estate agencies like Coldwell Banker and Century 21 holding open houses gives potential buyers a sense of what to expect, they know they are reputable companies and they will be ready to visit a quality property with knowledgeable staff.

Creating the perfect open house and for sale signs is important to properly motivate sellers and buyers alike. Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, and Century 21 are time tested real estate companies and their signage reflects the quality that comes along with those names. If you want to read more about century 21 open house signs and Keller Williams Real Estate Signs please visit

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