Sunday, 26 October 2014

How to Create Interest with Open House Signs and Banners

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Are open house signs really a necessity for real estate agents that are in the process of selling a home or company property? Some people will tell you they are not, but the reality is that you do need them. The reason open house signs are so important is that in today’s market, we are flooded with an overabundance of homes, so it is a buyer’s market, and attracting them is vital. Real estate agents are having to pull out all of the stops to get people in their properties and interested in buying them instead of the property by the competition two streets over. You must stand out, and custom graphics on an open house sign can engage and entice potential buyers.

Putting up several signs on the big street and at major intersections that are close to the property is a crucial move. Signs that point the way to the home or property or at least to another sign that does, ensure the proper traffic flow that is so necessary to selling a home. You don’t want to only have an open house sign at the property, your neighbors may be the only ones to see it, and well, they already live there.

Purchasing a selection of open house flags along with the customary signs is the best way to pack in the bodies. The more people that come to an open house the more likely you are to get offers and counteroffers. Interest in the property can drive the price up, but without proper advertising and marketing you will likely see a price drop. People want what others are interested in and homes are no different. Feather flags in bright colors will certainly invite people to your open house and can help real estate agents close the deal.  

Another aspect of feather flags is that they can be beneficial in creating interest in a property because of the sheer height of the flag.  Most top out around eight feet and are easily seen. Welcome pennants let prospective buyers feel at home and when they are comfortable in a place they may put in an offer. Guests viewing the property will be sure to appreciate the graphics by your professional banner sign makers.

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